New pencil drawings

January 13th, 2007

By Hanneke van Oosterhout

Here are the drawings I have been working on in the new year.

This thing is not interesting to eat anymore, but it is interesting to draw!


These are the most beautiful ginger pots I have ever seen. They look to me like they are crying because of the dripping glaze.

Why do I draw these things? To see if I am able to achieve the texture and glow that these things have, because they are old and worn out. I am scared for old age and getting old and wrinkled, but the thing is I see a tremendous amount of beauty in these old things that I draw because they have gathered so many experiences.

I enjoy so much drawing because I can do it at home with the kids. As long as I have a drawing there I feel fine. Without these, if I have to miss my studio for two days, I get totally crazy!

How do you get though these days where you cannot really work but you have to have something around that keeps you happy?

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11 Responses to “New pencil drawings”

  1. hanneke Says:

    the size of the sweet pepper is 33 cm by 23cm including the tail and the shadow.the height of the biggest gingerpot is 21cm and the braod is 27cm of the gingerpots together

  2. birgit Says:


    When I was in my mid-twenties, I often thought how much more interesting are the lined faces of old people than the unmarked faces of young people.

    When I was a child, I must have perceived the beauty of my mother’s father and my father’s mother because, shutting my eyes now, I see them as attractive faces. I think that it was their personalities, intelligence and serenity, that shined through.

    About not to get crazy when one cannot do what one likes to do? There are two projects that I want to finish before I throw in the towel. In my case, the trick is not to overwork because then my brain starts buzzing in the middle of the night waking me up. Like you, I will try therapeutic drawing in the evenings.

  3. birgit Says:

    Tears of joy!

  4. Steve Durbin Says:

    I can’t believe you can do these with kids around, unless they’re asleep. They look like they would require the most dedicated concentration.

    At the moment, I’m feeling frustrated because I haven’t had time to work on the pears again since my post last week. I can think about it and plan a bit, but there’s only so much you can think about usefully without actually doing it.

    I share your interest in character acquired through time and experience. Although my ghost town photos were about light, they were also about age and acquired memories. I don’t think I’d even have had the idea of making such photographs in a new place, even if all the spaces and lighting were the same.

    I do have one question for you about drawing shadows. To me, your primary objects have much more authority than their shadows, and I’m wondering whether you are less interested in this, spend less time, or it’s just difficult in this medium because the slow, subtle gradations are harder to capture than the fine detail you do so well.

  5. Rex Says:

    Ah Hanneke, you slay me.

    Do you know that expression?

    It’s used when one is supremely affected by something. It could be joke that’s so funny you laugh so hard you cry. It could be a movie so powerful you think about it for days or weeks.

    This power you have to achieve so much with such simplicities is a great gift.

    Thank you.

  6. David Says:

    Hanneke, the drawings are beautiful.

    During the many hours I’m at my job each week, I’m often thinking about my own artwork but am unable to work on it. And as Steve said above “there‚Äôs only so much you can think about usefully without actually doing it.” I get through the time by listening to music, which often generates ideas, and by having my journal nearby, so I can jot them down. But of course I’d rather be in the studio.

  7. hanneke Says:

    thank you for commenting on my post.
    Yes I dont spend so much time on drawing the shadows .I would want to have them more soft and perfect but for that I simply don’t have the patience (with the kids around) and als i am always looking for other stuff to draw and once I found it i can not wait to start the drawing.

  8. wolfbaby Says:

    Hanneke, i envy you that you can draw with your kids around.. mine wouldn’t allow me. They are all the time crawling over me and fighting over who sits in my lap and what not. Usually they don’t allow me to dwell on the frustration of not being able to work. When I work i tend to plan out the next drawing or work on my writting. If I can’t do any of that I work on school stuff or housework. There is always something for me to focus on… To much to do and to little time.

  9. wolfbaby Says:

    I love your sketches, the details are amazing…Sorry thought I had posted that first..*rolls eyes* I jump from thing to thing so fast I sometimes think I did something and find i didn’t. When i draw I tend to use more shade then actual lines, specially when i draw faces and people. I haven’t mastered the art of drawing landscapes though. I have yet to try specific one object items. I think I will very soon.

  10. June Says:


    your drawings are a joy.

  11. Angela Ferreira Says:

    Dear Hanneke they look beautiful. You are so skilled!
    Although I think the first picture, the close up drawing is not the right choice to feature the post. You should have used the catchiest best drawing; either the pots or the pepper should had been used in the top instead, it would grab much more attention.
    You want to show your best drawing first to draw people to want to look even further.
    That is just my opinion; I think you are a top class artist for realistic still life.