Kids online: Interview with Françesca

December 25th, 2006

Françesca’s fifth birthday is coming up in March.

Karl: Who do you want to see your drawings?

Fran: All the people from the whole world, and also grandma and grandpa.

Karl: What is this?

Fran: A pig, a green pig with gold and gray.

Karl: Why did you make this?

Fran: For you, papa.

Karl: But why?

Fran: Because.

Karl: What is this?

Fran: That is a little heart.

Karl: Why did you make this?

Fran: Also for you.

Karl: But why?

Fran: I just did it, I don’t know why. There is also brown in it. It’s not so easy to see.

Karl: What is this?

Fran: I don’t know.

Karl: Why did you make it?

Fran: What? Don’t speak in English.

Karl: Sorry, why did you make this?

Fran: I made it for you.

Karl: What is this?

Fran: Funny. That is a little man named Nino.

Karl: Is that your brother?

Fran: Yeah, my little baby brother.

Karl: Why did you make this?

Fran: Because.

Karl: What is the other stuff?

Fran: Flowers.

Karl: And?

Fran: A hat. And a little man, and a butterfly and hearts.

. . .

6 Responses to “Kids online: Interview with Françesca”

  1. Hanneke van Oosterhout Says:

    hi Franny

    ik vind dat je supurmooie tekeningen gemaakt hebt en ik ben heel erg trots op je

  2. Birgit Zipser Says:

    Hi Franny,

    I love the eyes and snout on the green pig.

    The heart is very special and the flying little bumble bee!

    I am happy that you love your little baby brother. Nino is flying empowered by beautiful flowers

    Grandma Birgit

  3. Troels Says:


    If this is a pig, then it is a puff pig.

    Opa Troels

  4. Leslie Holt Says:

    It is clear to me that you are a wonderful artist. I am particularly fond of the picture of Nino. I would not have guessed that you are only 6 years old. These images bring me a lot of pleasure! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. Leslie Holt Says:

    Excuse me, you are only 4 1/2! Wow!

  6. Karl Ziper Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Leslie. I did this “interview” with Fran in a not very serious way, but thinking about it, it occurred to me that in the past I have not been talking with her about her artwork as much as I should. In a recent post I asked, Is children’s art “Art?” I think for me, the answer has been, No. I want to try to take a closer look now and reevaluate my feelings on the subject.