Painting from photos, preview

May 9th, 2006

We have recently been discussing the role of photography in painting (e.g., Art News Blog, Making a Mark, Edward Winkleman). Yesterday I travelled to Amsterdam to interview Dan Bodner, an artist who has achieved success painting from cityscape photos. What impressed me, along with the quality of the work, was the way this artist has conceptualized the photo’s role in his creative process. The artist’s words and paintings will appear in the next post.

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One Response to “Painting from photos, preview”

  1. Art News Blog Says:

    I got impatient and did a search for Dan Bodner.
    His work is quite impressive Karl. I think the trick is to make your work not look like a photograph, even if you did use a photograph.

    So people laughing or running usually look like the artist used a photograph.